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November 11, 2012
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Heaven's Luck!: Chp 01 ScreenShot 01 by ReBeatStudio Heaven's Luck!: Chp 01 ScreenShot 01 by ReBeatStudio
Hi Guys! It's been a while since I did anything. I will now reveal my plans for my Original Novel "Heaven's Luck!". I will be providing screen shot parts of the novel so that the readers have it easier on imagining the characters and the situation. Also my goal on it is that I hope it gives the readers a feeling that the images come from a real anime. XD hope you enjoy!
Note* "the lines below are only part of the whole chapter. If you want to read it please refer to my gallery.
Chapter (H#01):
War At First Sight

Part 01

It is a beautiful sunny day at Seiryuu Academy. Cherry blossoms are blooming beautifully, nice cool breeze blowing, and the place is filled with students heading for their first class for the second semester. Nekoichi Sai Sei who has just transferred to this renowned place, has now entered the huge gates of Seiryuu Academy.

Nekoichi: "Ah! Finally! After months of intense preparations and studying, I can't believe that I’m finally attending Seiryuu Academy as a student!” he said while stretching his arms out and with an expression that tells how happy he felt.
Nekoichi: "(deep breath) All right! Better take a look at the map the instructor gave me" he said while looking inside his bag.

Meanwhile, not far behind him, there's a mysterious girl running towards Nekoichi.

?????: "HEY!!!! Move aside!" she yelled Catching Nekoichi's attention.
Nekoichi: "Huh?"

He turned his attention behind him, looking at the direction where the yell came from. To his surprise, there was no one there but a bunch of other student minding their business. Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed each of Nekoichi’s shoulder pressing down as if something was balancing on top of Nekoichi’s upper body. A shadow casts above him engulfing him in addition to the pressing weight that his shoulders were experiencing. He quickly looked above and saw red streaming hair accompanied by two bright amethyst eyes. Nekoichi was very surprised to see a girl staring down at him from above face to face in the middle of doing a front flip.

Nekoichi: "W-what the?!" he thought with a mesmerized expression on his face.
??????: "(Huh? A transfer student?) Hmm…" she wondered.

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chrisolian Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
whoa this definitely looks like a real anime
chrisolian Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
ur welcomes
automnal-glimpse Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Really nice fake-screenshot ! ^^
KiyasamatheInu Nov 12, 2012  Professional General Artist
Did a good job, definitely looks like it came from an anime.
A girl falling out of the sky? Ah the beginning of every Shonen :XD:
well almost. the girl came from a sprint then front flip over him XD. almost the same
Hmm now I want to see the reverse of that a guy popping up on a girl XD....Though thinking about it that would be Painful and troublesome on all accounts but still funny to watch lol.
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